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Summer & Soul

Summer the Percheron mare came to live at The Whole Horse in July of 2018. She was purchased from a dealer and subsequently was spared a likely horrible fate. Her life was spent working on an Amish farm, when her hard work days were over she was used as a broodmare, then thoughtlessly sold to a dealer.  She was thin and very nervous upon arrival. She needed several abscessed teeth removed and to gain a couple hundred pounds.  What she needed the most and has found was the knowledge she is safe, valued and loved. She has found a best friend in Soul and will live out her days here on the farm with him.

Soul the Percheron gelding came to live at the Whole Horse in August of 2018. This guy is one tall drink of water at 19hands tall! After being passed around from one home to the next over the past several years to ended up at another local rescue that was being closed. Upon arrival here he needed a good hoof trim, treatment for a cellulites infection that resulted in a 5 day equine hospital stay and to gain several hundred pounds. Soul is approaching 30yrs old and is now happy, healthy and safe for the rest of his days with his best friend Summer.

Keeping this pair of gentle geriatric giants fat and healthy is no small feat. They would love a monthly sponsor to help keep them in tip top shape.  Their feed alone is $400 a month and no recurring amount is to small to help!

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