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       The Whole Horse Experience 

Your Maine Source For ~Carriage Rides~Trail Rides~Lessons~Equine Education~Rescue 

The Whole Horse Experience is a registered 501c3 non-profit equine sanctuary and rescue. Most of our herd is made up of horses either rescued from pens full of slaughter bound horses or were surrendered by owners with good intentions that for whatever reason could no longer offer the expensive, full time care a horse requires. Every year approx. 130,000 pet or working equines are shipped over our boarders into Mexico or Canada to be cruelly slaughtered for human consumption over seas.  These poor cast offs are not "worthless" horses with no ability to serve as amazing working partners, teachers and companions. They are Amish work and buggy horses, un broke babies from careless breeders, miniature horses, race horses that didn't make the grade or older horses that have served their owners for years only to end up scared and alone.  Our passion lies in saving and rehabbing these equines and either using them in our educational programs or placing them in loving, caring forever homes. Please consider helping us to help these horses so they can go on to live long, happy lives free of suffering. Donations are tax deductible, volunteers are always needed and spreading the word about what we and other rescues do is greatly appreciated!